New Mass Effect Game In Early Development At BioWare

The fifth entry in the Mass Effect saga is said to be starting development at BioWare studio in Edmonton

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New Mass Effect Game In Early Development At BioWare

New Mass Effect Game In Early Development At BioWare

According to a new report, the next installment in the Mass Effect series is already in development at BioWare. The report comes way of Kotaku Jason Schreier, one of the industry’s most trusted sources, who doesn’t divulge much about the next adventure in the beloved sci-fi series, but does note it’s in the works. More specifically, it’s noted that the game is in “very early development” at BioWare Edmonton under Mike Gamble, long-time BioWare producer who has apparently been tapped as creative director. For those that don’t know: Gamble has been at BioWare for 10 years. Previously, he served as development manager on Mass Effect 2, associate producer on Mass Effect 3, producer on Mass Effect: Andromeda, and was a lead producer on Anthem.

That’s all we know about “Mass Effect 5” for now, as the bulk of the report is focused on a much-needed rework for Anthem. Referred to internally by names like Anthem 2.0 or Anthem Next, it aims to completely overhaul the game – though whether it’s set to be a single update, a long-term set of changes, or a full-on expansion still hasn’t been decided, according to anonymous sources at BioWare.

That all said, while it’s good to hear a new Mass Effect is in development, don’t expect to see it for awhile. The report notes a big team at BioWare is still on Anthem, and then the next priority is getting Dragon Age 4 out the door by 2022. In other words, we may not be seeing this new Mass Effect project for a very long time.

What will be interesting to see is where BioWare takes the series. Does it return to the Milky Way and the original trilogy or does it continue Mass Effect: Andromeda? After how messy that game was, you’d think not. My best guess is we are heading back to the Milky Way, probably for a prequel to the original trilogy. But again, who knows. BioWare has a lot of options. That said, I don’t think returning to Andromeda is one of them. While I liked Andromeda more than most, it’s best left forgotten.

With both projects not to mention Dragon Age BioWare has a lot to prove to current and former fans, and it’s still going to be a long, long time before we see the fruits of these labours borne out.

While Mass Effect is likely one of the most beloved gaming properties of all-time, many fans will likely be far more cautious for their excitement for this fifth entry in the series after the fallout of Andromeda.

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