Only ASUS STRIX RX Vega And No Trace Of Any Other Custom Vega

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asus strix rx vega

Only ASUS STRIX RX Vega And No Trace Of Any Other Custom Vega So Far!!

September is about to end and their is no trace of STRIX Vega, in fact, there’s no trace of any custom Vega. Many might be thinking now when will be these custom cards will be available as AMD failed to lunch them in September as per their claim.

So far, we have only seen one add-in board partner announce a custom RX Vega GPU and even then, the mid-September release date has been missed. So when can we expect custom-cooled versions of RX Vega to start popping up? Well according to a report this week, we could be waiting quite a while.

If not Sept, when will be the card has to be expected?

With no news from AMD regarding it’s custom card it’s difficult to interpret the expected launch of STRIX Vega but thanks to for taking the matter into account. To find out the expected launch of custom cards asked around if any AMD partner has received Vega but answer was such a despair as manufacturer said that they had not received any chips from AMD.

Not all the manufacturer said same about the Custom Vega chips, among them one (unnamed) manufacturer said that they are still waiting for chips to arrive, so launch before mid-October is very unlikely.

Taking the statement of unnamed manufacture into account we can least interpret that custom cards will be on shelf somehow in the end of October or in the start of November.

The folks over at reached out to some of AMD’s board partners to try and uncover some answers. the replies are unfortunately kept anonymous but it seems that one particular AIB has nothing to announce, while another has yet to receive delivery of chips. No dates are set yet but the source said that a launch may not be possible before mid-October.

Given the lack of announcements surrounding custom Vega cards, I do buy in to the idea that we could be waiting a while for them to show up. Hopefully we will hear more over the next couple of weeks.

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