P.T. Hack Reveals Terrifying Secret Fate Of Lisa

A new hack for Silent Hills concept demo P.T. has revealed another terrifying secret, and more backstory for the ghostly Lisa

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P.T. Hack Reveals Terrifying Secret Fate Of Lisa

P.T. Hack Reveals Terrifying Secret Fate Of Lisa

P.T. achieved cult hit status in a relatively short amount of time when the demo for an unreleased Silent Hills game spooked and puzzled players who tried it on the PlayStation 4. The game it teased was cancelled by Konami and looks like it’ll never actually come to fruition, but the demo itself is still hiding secrets it seems. A hacked version of the demo revealed that Lisa, the ghastly spirit who’s overbearing presence makes the whole demo so disturbing, is always right behind the player.

Twitter user and YouTuber Lance McDonald is arguably the internet’s greatest P.T. detective, but their last discovery from Hideo Kojima’s Playable Teaser for Silent Hills might be the creepiest yet. An unused version of P.T.’s bathroom area may hint at just how far P.T. could have gone to scare players. Spoilers Ahead

In P.T. players are trapped in an unassuming home, forced to make laps around the same hallway over and over again. After a while, players can gain access to another part of the hallway, the bathroom. As McDonald explains in his YouTube video (Above), there are two “states” the bathroom can be found in, a version where the bathtub is partially filled with water, and a version where the bathtub is empty.

A screenshot of Lisa showed a scene players might’ve jumped at multiple times during a playthrough, but this scene is actually facing away from the character. As it turns out, Lisa is always right behind the player after a certain point.

When a player turns around, Lisa won’t be there, but she’s definitely there with the player as they explore the house they’re stuck in. This shadowing begins right when players pick up the flashlight and start noticing some strange shadows created by the house’s limited lighting.

An even more distressing look at Lisa shows what happens when the game’s camera is locked in place and the player continues moving forward. You can see Lisa following right behind the player, shaking almost violently as she hovers just above the ground.

All of the noises and shadows that players chillingly discovered while walking the halls is actually a result of the specter Lisa following behind the player. The camera hid her presence from players, making it actually look at though there was nothing there. As it turns out, the game attaches her to the player once they get the flashlight.

This fact about P.T. apparently isn’t even all that the demo has to offer. After sharing these looks at Lisa and showing how she was creepier than players ever could’ve imagined, McDonald said there’s still more to see.

P.T. is an interactive teaser Kojima released in 2014 to hype his now-canceled Silent Hills horror game. Kojima and several of his P.T. collaborators later went on to make Death Stranding together. But Lance McDonald continues to dig into P.T. years later to uncover secrets like how Lisa is actually always following the player.

McDonald says they have even more secrets to share on their Twitter account

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