Paradox Interactive Opening New Studio In Barcelona

Europa Universalis designer Johan Andersson will lead Paradox Tinto efforts on grand strategy games

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Paradox Interactive Opening New Studio In Barcelona

Paradox Interactive Opening New Studio In Barcelona

Paradox Interactive, the publisher and developer of grand strategy titles, has announced the opening of Paradox Tinto, a development studio that will focus on overseeing the Europa Universalis franchise. This is the seventh studio under Paradox Interactive’s umbrella, with Paradox now present in four countries, with Paradox Tinto located in Barcelona.


To accomplish that goal, Paradox Interactive has placed one of its heavy hitters at the head of this new studio, Studio Lead Johan Andersson, a veteran of Paradox Development Studio and the original creator of the Europa Universalis franchise. According to the studio’s press release, Andersson will “assemble a small core to initially oversee ongoing development on Paradox’s iconic grand strategy game, Europa Universalis IV,” before later moving on to new games in the genre.

“People love our games and we love the fact that we are growing to create more for them, we’re particularly pleased to expand for the first time with a new studio focusing on the core game genre we’re famous for: grand strategy,” said Charlotta Nilsson, Chief Operations Officer at Paradox Interactive. “The success of our studios over the last few years has allowed us to continually add more capabilities and new ideas, with more games going into active development and more ambitious plans every day. We currently have around 70 open positions across our seven studios, with plans to recruit roughly 200 people in 2020 alone.”

“I’m excited and thankful for this chance to building up a brand new studio in a brand new location, hanging the data collected throughout the a long time of establishing video games and building studios into excellent use,” mentioned Andersson. “My purpose is to gather a workforce and create an absolutely practical studio to stay on growing the Europa Universalis logo, and later design and increase new grand technique video games.”

The new studio joins the growing Paradox roster, which also includes Paradox Development Studio in Stockholm; Paradox Arctic in Umeå, Sweden; the Paradox development team in Malmö, Sweden; Paradox Tectonic in Berkeley, California; Triumph Studios in Delft, The Netherlands; and Harebrained Schemes in Seattle.

During the Guerilla Collective which takes place June 6 to June 8 Paradox is expected to make several announcements, so stay tuned.

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