Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Will Be At E3 2020

Platform holder responds to Sony's decision to ditch major games showcase for a second consecutive year

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Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Will Be At E3 2020

Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Will Be At E3 2020

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Gaming, has just confirmed on Twitter (below) that Xbox will be attending E3 2020. This is after Sony has announced that they will be sitting out of the convention for the second year in a row. According to Spencer, the Xbox team is currently “hard at work on E3” and they “look forward to sharing with all who love to play what’s ahead for us”.

With Sony opting for “hundreds” of other consumer events across the globe, this year’s E3 could be Xbox’s chance to prove that the Xbox Series X is the best choice for this holiday season. So, Microsoft is going to reveal some of the details surrounding the Xbox Series X at E2 2020. Will Sony follow suit though with their PS5? Well, surprisingly, it doesn’t seem likely.

Sony has said in a statement that: “After thorough evaluation, SIE has decided not to participate in E3 2020.” They will, instead, be looking at individual events on a more global scale. With both next-gen systems expected to launch before Christmas this year, the short version is that we should expect to hear a lot from both companies throughout 2020. At this point, however, all I want to know is how much they will cost!

Spencer, who is already using an Xbox Series X as his primary console at home, will also surely discuss the future of xCloud and its game streaming service that will one day allow players to stream games they own and even Xbox Game Pass games.

Whether or not Microsoft will have a good showing remains to be seen.

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