Project Resistance Is Being Roasted By Angry Resident Evil Fans

"no one wanted this!"

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Project Resistance Is Being Roasted By Angry Resident Evil Fans

Project Resistance Is Being Roasted By Angry Resident Evil Fans

Capcom has disappointed Resident Evil fans with the reveal of their new game Project Resistance. A new Resident Evil game called Project Resistance was teased not too long ago, and some fans were hopeful that its name would be a mask to conceal either Resident Evil 8 or a Nemesis Remake. This was blatant optimism at its finest as most fans realistically expected a spin-off and that’s exactly what we’re getting.

In fact, the spinoff Resident Evil title has been attracting overwhelming negativity from fans over on Twitter & Youtube Video Trailer (Below), many of which take issue with the game’s departure from single-player survival horror. For the unaware, Capcom revealed the first gameplay of its latest side project at Tokyo Game Show last night, confirming earlier suspicions that it would be taking a crack at the asymmetrical multiplayer genre. By time of writing this the YouTube video ratio was: 3.4K Positive vs 5.4K Negative


In fact, a notable Resident Evil leaker believes that Project Resistance actually started its life as a Resident Evil 3 remake multiplayer mode, only to spin off into being its own thing. Whether or not there’s any truth behind that remains to be seen, but if so, it could be a good indication that the rumored Resident Evil 3 remake is well into development. It doesn’t seem like we’ll learn about it at Tokyo Game Show, but maybe Capcom will unveil it at an upcoming event like The Game Awards in December.

While fan reception to Project Resistance is mixed at best, it’s possible that public opinion on the game will change once players actually get their hands on it. There will be a Project Resistance beta next month, giving fans the opportunity to try this new Resident Evil multiplayer project ahead of launch.

Project Resistance is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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