Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting New Ways To Fight Players Toxicity

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Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting New Ways To Fight Players Toxicity

Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting New Ways To Fight Players Toxicity

Rainbow Six Siege  developer Ubisoft is cracking down on toxicity in the game’s multiplayer modes.

A developer blog concerning toxicity management details features coming to the game to improve player behaviour. A number of short-term changes have been implemented, including a chat monitoring system.

Ubisoft will track individual players’ use of racial or homophobic slurs, issuing bans based on severity, ranging from days and weeks to permanent exclusion from the game.

Toxicity management is a priority we will be focusing on as a team over the next few years, and we have a few different ways we plan on dealing with it,” the announcement said. “Our end goal is to track negative player behavior, manage those that behave poorly, and eventually implement features that will encourage players to improve their behavior.

Unless players get creative with their in-game griefing or start killing off their teammates, the chat feature in Rainbow Six Siege and other games is where much of the toxicity will come from. To combat that, Ubisoft is monitoring the chat for offensive language that could be considered illegal, threatening, abusive, obscene, or any of the other descriptors that violate the Code of Conduct that’s already in place.

We are currently tracking the frequency at which racial or homophobic slurs are used by individual players, and will be applying bans with increasing severity on a case-by-case basis

Toxicity is definitely an issue across the entirety of gaming that needs sorting somehow, beyond the brain-dead attitude of suggesting people grow a thicker skin or it’s just ‘part of online gaming’. Neither of those hot takes solve anything and just allow an opportunity for hate speech to fester in an environment that’s supposed to be fun. Actually cracking down on it is a heck of a tough goal when there are literally millions of players in any given game though, and potentially thousands flooding in each and every day.

Ubisoft added that the following types of bans can be levied against players but stressed that the list is not a strict progression of bans and that more severe cases can warrant harsher punishments or permanent bans.

  • 2 Days
  • 7 Days
  • 15 Days
  • Permanent

We want to put more power in our player’s hands to manage their own online experience. As such, giving you direct control over communication channels is important. We are working on allowing players to mute players individually for each player in the game. For example, you can mute the text chat of player A, the voice chat of player B, text and voice for player C, and neither for player D.

Ubisoft states that this is just the beginning of its plans to address toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege, asking for community feedback in developing further tools.

An estimated release timeframe for this feature is sometime during Season 3, though that’s subject to change.

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