Rainbow Six Siege Italian Operators Leaked Alibi And Maestro

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Rainbow Six Siege Italian Operators Leaked Alibi And Maestro

Rainbow Six Siege Italian Operators Leaked Alibi And Maestro

Rainbow Six Siege’s Italian operators have leaked. Following the release of Operation Chimera in Rainbow Six Siege, players have been digging into the game files, ripping them apart like an assault rifle tears through Siege’s maps.

Players have reportedly uncovered introductory videos for two unannounced characters, “Alibi” and “Maestro.” Accompanied by placeholder text, the videos showcase a look at characters likely on their way in the next season of post-launch content. This aligns with previous announcements from Ubisoft, confirming Year 3’s Season 2 Operators will hail from an Italian unit.

On the surface, it appears as if Alibi will be a very strong choice for those planning to bait the enemy team into traps or choke points, although it’s going to hinge on just how believable the decoys are. If they’re obviously holograms then players are going to quickly learn how to work around this, but if they’re otherwise identical to a real player things could get very tricky indeed.

As for Maestro, he’s a bit more of a mystery. Again, he’s probably going to be a defensive Operator to help balance out the teams. His ability is called ‘Barrage’, and he’s also carrying a bandolier crammed full of shotgun shells. The ability name doesn’t sit all that well with what a defensive Operator typically does, although one theory is he has incendiary shells for laying down fire, or potentially even allowing Defenders to blast through their own reinforced walls.

The two new Operators aren’t due to launch until Season 2’s arrival, which should be around about the first week of May.

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