Rainbow Six Siege Lion And Finka Operators Revealed

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Rainbow Six Siege Lion And Finka Operators Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Lion And Finka Operators Revealed.

Ubisoft has officially unveiled the two new Attacking Operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Chimera. Finka and Lion are from the Russian Spetznaz and French GIGN respectively, and they’re biohazard specialists designed to tie in with the upcoming Outbreak co-op PvE event.

First we have ‘Finka’, Dr. Lera Melnikova, who’s a fusion of Doc and Rook in a lot of ways. She’s equipped with a nanobot gadget that can remotely deliver buffs to teammates. It can be used to revive downed Operators, provided a health boost, or steady their aim. This all works remotely, so she can revive a downed Operator from the other side of the map with the push of a button. It’s unclear what happens if you attempt to revive a downed teammate currently being interrogated by Caveira, although it could be a neat possible counter.

Rainbow Six Siege Lion And Finka Operators Revealed

Finka is a two-speed Operator armed with a Spear .308 assault rifle, SASG-12 shotgun or 6P41 light machine gun, along with PMM or Gsh-18 pistol secondaries. In terms of gadgets, she’s loaded with Breaching Charges and Stun Grenades.

Olivier ‘Lion’ Flament, meanwhile, is an Attacking Operator who utilises an EE-One-D drone that can survey the map and detect movement within specific zones. It sounds as if the earlier rumours were true and this a limited use device that pings out a signal and marks the enemy locations on the HUD if they’re moving.

Rainbow Six Siege Lion And Finka Operators Revealed

He’s a two-speed Operator armed with a V308 assault rifle, 417 marksman rifle or SG-CQB assault shotgun, along with either a P9 pistol of LFP386 revolver. On the gadget side, Lion has a Claymore and Stun Grenades.

It’ll be interesting to see how these two new Operators affect Rainbow Six Siege’s meta. Neither seems overpowered at this early stage, with both surely requiring smart usage if they’re going to benefit the team. Lion’s drone device sounds like one of the most powerful anti-roamer tools yet though, so the likes of Legion, Caveira, Ela, and Jager are going to have to watch their backs. Having two offensive Operators implemented is also an unusual change for Ubisoft, handing Attackers more options than Defenders. This may play into the data Ubisoft has been gathering though, which points towards a slight advantage for Defender win rates in the current build.

The new Operations will be going live alongside Operation Chimera on March 6th.

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