Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge New Operators Oryx And Iana

Operators Oryx and Iana available on public test servers on Feb 17

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Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge New Operators Oryx And IanaRainbow Six Siege Void Edge New Operators Oryx And Iana

Ubisoft Montreal confirmed the two newest operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege today at The Six Invitational esports championship in Quebec. They are Iana, an Attacker, and Oryx, a Defender. They’ll be the 53rd and 54th Operators in Siege’s lineup and players may get their hands on them (on test servers) beginning Feb. 17. The two operators will come at no extra cost for Year 5 pass holders, while everyone else will be able to buy them using renown or R6 credits a week later. No release date has yet been confirmed.

Iana is from the Netherlands and is the first albino operator in Siege. She can choose between the ARX 200 and G36-C assault rifles for her primary, while she only has one secondary, the MK1 9mm pistol. She can also choose between smoke and frag grenades.

Oryx, a Jordanian operator, uses his mass and power to bust through soft barriers without any tools. Oryx seems to be a counterpart of the Attackers’ well known Sledge, who carries a tactical breaching hammer that allows him to go through unreinforced surfaces in the same way. The difference is Oryx can do so a lot more quickly, with his dash, although he will take damage if he goes through a wall.

New operator: Iana

Iana is a two-speed, two-armor attacker from the Netherlands, utilizing holograms as her gadget. Her Gemini replicator spawns a clone of herself, which can walk around the map as she would move usually.

However, there are a few drawbacks to her hologram. She can’t shoot from it, and she’s also left in a vulnerable state on the map when she’s controlling it. It will also be destroyed by a single tick of damage, including Maestro’s Evil Eyes, electrified barbed wire, and even Mute jammers block it.

It’s a good resource to use for scouting though, much like a drone. She can walk through defender gadgets without triggering them, and while she can’t ping them, she alerts teammates to what’s ahead once they start attacking the bomb site.

New operator: Oryx

Oryx is far less subtle with his movements. The two-speed, two-armor defender from Jordan is all about making a ruckus, barging through walls to open up new sightlines and surprise attackers.

His Remah Dash gadget allows him to break soft walls and barricades, as well as knock over any enemies in his path. However, if he runs into an un-reinforced wall, he will take ten damage, and will be unable to shoot for about a second, leaving him vulnerable to enemy fire.

Oryx also has the ability to jump up through open hatches, making him the ultimate roamer to catch attackers off-guard from any angle. With a choice of shotguns in both primary (SPAS-12) and secondary (Bailiff .400), taking one is essential to getting the most use out of him.

Oregon map rework, and more

Year 5 Season 1 for Rainbow 6 isn’t all about the new operators though. The Oregon rework will be released, with a remodeled basement making way for new strategies. There will also be new rotations through the attic and office tower, with the map being more open as a whole. Lesion and Twitch have also received slight gameplay changes. Lesion’s Gu Mines will no longer deal damage on impact, instead doing six damage for every tick.

Twitch’s drones will also do one damage instead of 10 to enemies, but she can recharge shots throughout the round, making it useful all game to clear enemy gadgets. Developers completely reworked Rainbow Six’s Oregon map for Operation Void Edge. Barricade debris will also be a thing of the past after the Year 5 Season 1 update. Debris will no longer block line of sight, instead smashing into smaller pieces when players melee or shoot at windows.

The Feb. 17 availability date is on the game’s public test servers. Operation Void Edge, the code name for Year 5, Season 1, does not yet have a launch date. When it does, buyers of Siege’s next Season Pass will get the new operators one week before they are available to everyone else.

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