Remedy Alan Wake Is Being Adapted Into TV Series

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Remedy Alan Wake Is Being Adapted Into TV Series

Remedy has teamed up with Contradiction Films to bring the darkness imbued world of Alan Wake to TV.

Alan Wake, a game that was structured like and inspired by TV shows, is set to become a TV show itself. If nothing else, it at least fits the format better than most games. It’s even got product placement! 

According to Variety, a show based on Remedy’s 2010 release is looking to go into production under showrunner Peter Calloway, co-executive producer and occasional of X-Men spinoff Legion, and will feature Remedy’s Sam Lake as executive producer.

The show hasn’t been picked up by a studio quite yet, but Contradiction Films’ Tomas Harlan says they plan to start shopping the show around this October. In an interview with Variety, Harlan noted that Alan Wake’s own TV inspirations partially drove the decision.

As explained by Contradiction’s Thomas Harlan, the TV adaptation of Alan Wake isn’t going to have its story follow alongside the game’s version of the plot beat by beat, and Lake declined to comment whether or not the show’s story will will tie into the overall continuity of the game’s universe. “In a story like Alan Wake, a story filled with mystery and questions, answering this one would be a spoiler,” Lake said.

While Alan Wake fans should be intrigued by this project, neither Harlan nor Lake provided details relating to the television series release date, as the show has yet to even be pitched. According to Harlan, he plans to pitch the show in October. Supposedly, there has been some interest from different studios, but Harlan failed to provide any actual names.

All things considered, should the Alan Wake TV show get picked up for production, then it will be interesting to see just how the story is handled once it gets adapted for a different medium altogether. And apparently Harlan wants the project to put Remedy Entertainment in the position to make Alan Wake 2. Regarding the matter, Lake said, “That would be a dream of mine. But at the moment, there is no news of any further Alan Wake games. As before, we’re exploring these possibilities and hoping to make it happen when the time is right.”

Alan Wake is now one of many video games that have been picked up for TV adaptations recent years in some way, shape, or form including the likes of Life is Strange, Vampyr, and the novels on which CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher was based.

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