Resident Evil Ambassador Program Promising An Announcement On June 10

Capcom’s Resident Evil Ambassador program has issued an update for members who reached a new specific tier in the program. In addition, the developer began teasing a new Resident Evil reveal of some sorts for 10 June

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Resident Evil Ambassador Program Promising An Announcement On June 10

Resident Evil Ambassador Program Promising An Announcement On June 10

Resident Evil is a well-known video game franchise to say the least. It’s been around since the early years of the original PlayStation and today the series is still going strong with new mainline instalments, spin-offs, to even remakes. For a series that is so beloved by gamers all around the world, Capcom is trying its best to deliver content that players would want to enjoy. There are a few ways the developers can research and gather information for their next game development. However, one of the more popular areas right now for the developers is using their Resident Evil Ambassador program.

Those of you who don’t know, the Ambassador Program offers VIP news and benefits to a select group of hardcore RE fans. Past reveals including the remake of the second game and third game were all teased to members beforehand and some details even leaked. Capcom offers members participation in reveal events, game testing of unannounced titles and early news. The program helps Capcom by allowing members to play-test games as well as get feedback on possible early developments.

This program is a free subscription service that would deliver fans of the franchise special news. The longer you stick with the program and provide feedback, the higher-tier you become. Eventually, you may get the opportunity to test new projects out and provide crucial feedback. In the past, this service has gathered testers for Resident Evil: Resistance along with content that related to Resident Evil 7. Now it looks like Capcom has something planned for the Resident Evil Ambassador program once again.

The text at the bottom there reads “A Resident Evil announcement will happen on June 10th, 2020,” which is in just a little over two weeks. Considering the timing, odds are very good that we’re looking at not only the RE8 announcement but possibly the date of the Sony State of Play stream for their PlayStation 5 line-up reveal. The last three RE games were all revealed during a Sony presentation, be it E3 or another PlayStation livestream, and there’s no reason to assume this will be different. The last time a RE title was announced outside of a reveal event was 2012’s Resident Evil 6, which was announced on a random Thursday in January. If this really is attached to the Sony stream, Capcom may have also revealed.

Back in 2019 Capcom invited select members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program to test out an unreleased Resident Evil game, which ended up being Resident Evil: Resistance. Prior, members received emails, one being for Resident Evil 7 demo and how there was a collectible dummy finger that had a puzzle tied to it.

All we can do right now is wait for June 10 to arrive.

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