Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Delayed On PC And PS4

Capcom has announced the open beta for Resident Evil Resistance has been delayed on PC and PS4. The Xbox One version of the beta is unaffected

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Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Delayed On PC And PS4

Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Delayed On PC And PS4

The open beta for Resident Evil Resistance, the new asymmetrical multiplayer spin-off of the Resident Evil series, has been delayed on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The Resistance beta was supposed to begin on all platforms starting early in the morning on Friday, March 27. Instead, only the Xbox One version of the beta is currently live. According to an announcement on the game’s website, the delay is due to “technical issues.”


These issues, however, seem to have not affected the Xbox One version of the Open Beta, as it is now available for play on Microsoft’s console. Resident Evil Resistance puts four players in control of survivors during the Raccoon City outbreak, fighting against hordes of the series’ classic enemies, all spawned by a fifth player, the Mastermind.

Capcom is working on fixing the issue and has apologized for the inconvenience. When the Steam and PS4 beta will be available is unknown as of press time.

“Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, there is a slight delay for the Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta on PS4 and Steam. The Xbox One version is unaffected and will be available as scheduled. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and will keep you updated on its availability. We sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.”

The open beta kicked off at 7am UK time yesterday, 27th March, on PS4 and it didn’t take long before users struggled with matchmaking. Capcom acknowledged this in a tweet published just before 10am UK time, then, at 2pm it announced it had pulled the beta offline.

Resident Evil Resistance locks a group of four survivors in a sort of deathtrap maze, filled with monsters and traps that are controlled by another player, who can also take control of Mr. X when it’s really time to wreak some havoc. Interestingly, it’s not official Resident Evil canon, although Capcom revealed earlier today that Jill Valentine, who is canon, will be available as a playable survivor. The Resident Evil Resistance beta is set to run through April 3. Once the beta is available to PC and PS4 users we will update this post when more information is provided.

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