Rocket League Loot Crates Are Being Replaced By Blueprints

Today, they've announced what will replace it come December

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Rocket League Loot Crates Are Being Replaced By Blueprints

Rocket League Loot Crates Are Being Replaced By Blueprints

A few months ago, developer Pysonix announced plans to remove Rocket League loot box system called crates with something more equitable for players. Today, the developers have detailed what that new system looks like. You’ll soon receive new items in the form of blueprints, which allow you to see what item you’ll get before you actually purchase it.

We finally know what’s replacing Rocket League’s loot boxes. As announced a while ago, Rocket League is completely doing away with crates and keys. Instead, Pysonix just revealed, we’ll be obtaining blueprints, which can be crafted into items with the new currency that will replace keys.

After every match, you’ll have the chance to snag a blueprint, which explains upfront what item you’ll obtain if you buy it. You can pay for a blueprint (and item) immediately, or you can hang onto it in your inventory to purchase later. As with crates, painted, certified and special edition items will be available through blueprints. Psyonix also has a new item shop on its roadmap. It’ll feature older items that appeared in crates along with new ones.

Both blueprints and the item shop will arrive in December, along with credits, which are replacing keys as the game’s premium currency. You’ll also be able to use credits to buy Rocket Pass Premium too, but they won’t be valid for the esports shop only esports tokens will be valid there. Psyonix will automatically convert keys into credits and remaining crates into blueprints once the overhauled system goes live. Until then, one final vindicator crate will be available from Thursday, which includes a battle-car and a goal explosion.

Psyonix wrote in a blog post

“Like the Crate items that preceded them, Blueprints can drop with special attributes like Painted, Certified, and Special Editions,”

The idea is that players will know what they’re getting from Blueprints instead of “surprise mechanics” of loot boxes, which have been controversial. In May, United States senator Josh Hawley proposed new legislation that would ban pay-to-win mechanics and forbid companies from selling loot boxes to kids. Psyonix switch to Blueprints is one way to handle the controversy.

Items purchased in the Item Shop will not be tradeable. Psyonix will not say whether blueprints and credits will be tradeable at this time, which is what will determine whether the current marketplace can continue to exist. If I had to guess, I’d assume that blueprints will be tradeable, but credits will not. Again, there’s no confirmation on that at this time.

If you don’t have any crates, or got unlucky and your desired blueprint didn’t drop, you’ll still have a chance to get items from the retired crates. With the introduction of the item shop and its matching new currency, you’ll be able to buy new and legacy items on a rotating system. Most importantly, we can also expect the Titanium White Dominus to appear, possibly one of the most requested items in the game. Items from the shop cannot be traded and are forever bound to your account.

Psyonix reckons blueprints will offer more transparency about the digital goods you’re buying. A major criticism of loot boxes is that you don’t really know what goodies they contain. You can get more details at the official site, and Pysonix says there’ll be even more specifics about blueprints ahead of the December update.

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