Rocksteady Officially Announces Suicide Squad Game

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Rocksteady Officially Announces Suicide Squad Game

Rocksteady Officially Announces Suicide Squad Game

A Suicide Squad game from Batman Arkham series developer Rocksteady is in development, with a full announcement coming in two weeks. The studio teased the announcement in a movie poster-style tweet on Friday morning, showing Superman in the crosshairs of the super-villain squad. More will be shared on Aug. 22, Rocksteady said.

Rocksteady Studios took to its Twitter account on Today to announce a new Suicide Squad game that has been rumored for ages now. While the announcement was scarce on details – even down to what the full title will be it definitely hinted we may see some other famous DC characters in the title.

This aligns with earlier reporting that this game might be called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, based on a previously registered domain name. Now, even if the game is not called that, it certainly seems like killing the Justice League is on the agenda, judging by this first teaser. I am guessing that we will see other “target” posters like this with other heroes on them, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.

It’s an interesting concept, and in theory, the idea would seem to be that the “bosses” of the game are the heroes of the Justice League, flipping the usual formula of an endless parade of supervillains on its head, which is what we experienced in the Arkham games.

We’ll learn more at DC Fandome on 22nd August 2020

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