RPG Otome The Exorcist Gets PC Release Date In The West

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RPG Otome The Exorcist Gets PC Release Date In The West

RPG Otome The Exorcist Gets PC Release Date In The West

Otome the Exorcist is an urban fantasy RPG set in a reality where nests of monsters called Voracites can spawn sporadically, and only talented exorcists with a power referred to as Animus can stand against them. The story follows the president of the student council and member of the exorcist club, Otome Onimoto, as well as her hot-headed friend, Mei Himesaki. The two girls strive to save the city of Himori as it is struck by a phenomenon that caused many Voracite nests to spawn throughout the town.

The game features classic RPG mechanics. As Otome, you will be accepting missions and braving through randomly generated dungeons containing treasures to find and monsters to fight in turn-based battles. As you fight, Otome will gain experience and become able to unlock new skills to help her in her task. If things go awry, Otome will be abused by the monsters she fights, from groups of goblins and swarms of tentacles to furry beasts and evil men.

The main protagonist, Onimoto Otome, is a member of the Subjugation Squad, a group of Exorcists who have banded together to fight against the Voracite threat.

Otome the Exorcist features classic RPG systems where players make their way through a super nature setting. The battle system features turn-based encounters as players explore randomized dungeons. Additionally, there is a skill learning system.

Knowing the publisher’s previous catalog of titles, it’s possible the adult version of Otome the Exorcist will be available on other online storefronts. The adult version features h-scenes that follow the boss encounters, which usually involve monsters.

You can purchase Otome the Exorcist on Steam for the promotional price of $13.49 until the 28th of August, at which point the game will cost $14.99.

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