Rumour Ubisoft To Announce Rainbow Six Quarantine At E3

Ubisoft might reveal a new co-op spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege next monday

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Rumour Ubisoft To Announce Rainbow Six Quarantine At E3

Rumour Ubisoft To Announce Rainbow Six Quarantine At E3

Rainbow Six Siege is set to get a new cooperative-focused spin-off game. In one of the oddest rumours we’ve heard for some time, Rainbow Six Quarantine is allegedly a sci-fi PvE shooter in which squads of players head out to defeat an unknown alien menace.

Poor Ubisoft, they seem to be having a tough time of it, as another one of their potential E3 reveals might have leaked ahead of time. During E3 conference will announce Rainbow Six Quarantine, a new co-op shooter that’ll use the Rainbow Six Siege engine. It’s possible that it’ll also use some re-tool assets from Ubisoft’s cancelled Pioneer project. The rumour comes from industry insider Nibel, who tweeted the following:

Last year’s successful Outbreak event also proved that there’s clearly a market for a co-op shooter using the Rainbow Six Siege engine, so perhaps after that, Ubisoft fast-tracked production of a stand-alone title. With the Outbreak event focusing on the containment of an alien infestation in New Mexico, Quarantine could be the next logical step in that storyline, either bringing the Chimera Virus outbreak to a new location, or potentially even bringing the fight to space.

Pioneer was supposed to be a peaceful space exploration game, before being turned into a co-op shooter involving fighting aliens, and then into a Rainbow Six game. Although who the bad guys are in Quarantine is unknown.

f that all sounds a bit unlikely the news has also been backed up by reliable tipster Nibel, who claims it will be announced at E3 next week. He describes Quarantine as a PvE co-op shooter, which if it does involve aliens might mean a sort of sci-fi themed version of Left 4 Dead.

If this rumour Rainbow Six Quarantine is legit, we’ll hear more about it at Ubisoft’s E3 conference on Monday, June 10.

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