Scorn Trailer On Xbox Series X Was Actually Running On RTX 2080 Ti GPU

Scorn was some of the first footage we’ve gotten to see that’s meant to be representative of the Xbox Series X and Developer confirms that Scorn's Xbox Series X trailer ran on a PC with an RTX 2080 Ti

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Scorn Trailer On Xbox Series X Was Actually Running On RTX 2080 Ti GPU

Scorn Trailer On Xbox Series X Was Actually Running On RTX 2080 Ti GPU

Within this interview, Scorn game director, Ljubomir Peklar, noted that the game is designed to run at 60 FPS on PC and next-generation consoles, finding the responsiveness important for both sets of hardware. Furthermore, the developer found that at 30 FPS that “you start losing the established details once the camera starts moving.” This loss of detail at 30 FPS highlights a phenomenon called Temporal resolution, as high framerate games deliver more temporal detail over time by showing players more frames in a second, increasing in-game sharpness and motion clarity.

Scorn’s Xbox Series X trailer showcased incredibly impressive visuals for the console, even if it was running on a similarly spec’d PC. At this time it is unknown how the RDNA 2 powered graphics card of the Xbox Series X compared to current PC hardware, though many have compared it to Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Super.


A 2080ti won’t be necessary to run Scorn at 4K at 60fps, Peklar said, but the requirements are still up there: “a 2070 Super with a mixture of settings is adequate to run the game at 4K 60 fps.”

That means, as Peklar confirms, that the PC system requirements for Scorn currently listed on Steam are out of date they still list a GTX 970 or R9 290 as being “recommended.” Bear in mind, Scorn has been in development for a while it started out in 2014 and ran a couple Kickstarter campaigns before getting picked up by Microsoft as an Xbox Series X exclusive on consoles.

Lastly, and although SCORN looks beautiful, it will not be using real-time ray tracing. As Peklar said when asked about it.

“Developers have been using Ray Tracing to create static GI for years. Real-time Ray Tracing is certainly a breakthrough. It will be a much more useful tool for the developers in the future than a mind-blowingly obvious feature for players to notice. You looked at the tag to see if it was there. Through the years developers have developed many different techniques to fake aspects of what Ray Tracing can accomplish, from reflections to shadows and AO.

These ‘fakes’ have some limitations. Presentation is more static, effects at certain angles break the illusion, but for the most part, it looks pretty good. Sometimes when the new technology becomes available some developers start overusing it just to show it off, without thinking about the context in which it’s getting used. That is why you are starting to see games that have rooms with all reflective surfaces or inappropriate lighting conditions just to show off the technology. Technology should be in service of what you are trying to accomplish, not the other way around. So yes, Real-time Ray Tracing will undoubtedly be a complete solution in the future. However, and in the nearest future, developers will use it on case to case basis.”

Scorn will of course also launch on PC, where it’ll be available through the Windows Store, Steam, and GOG. It does not yet have a release date set.

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