Sea Of Solitude Coming Out This Summer

Coming Out In July. Get lost in your feelings in a flooded city this summer

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Sea Of Solitude Coming Out This Summer

Sea Of Solitude Coming Out This Summer

The vast, deep waters of Sea of Solitude will welcome all sailors this summer. The dream-like art and haunting monsters of the deep will come to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on July 5. Almost a year after its initial reveal, we finally know when Sea of Solitude will be released. The next title from the EA Originals line will be releasing on July 5, 2019. The independently-developed title comes from German developer Jo-Mei Games. The news was revealed by Cornelia Geppert herself via twitter:

We haven’t seen too much of Sea of Solitude since its debut at the EA Play 2018 press conference, where a brief but memorable trailer caught our collective eye. The style developer Jo-Mei Games has crafted is gorgeous and intriguing, as are little hints towards themes of inner conflict and how scary deep water is.

The title is the latest from EA Originals, which is the company’s initiative to help publish independent titles. Previous titles from the line include Fe and A Way Out, which both released in 2018. The goal is to give independent developers access to EA’s resources as they work on their titles, as every game under the program is published by EA. However, EA reportedly gets zero profit from the games under the program, with all the proceeds going straight to the developers.

According to the game’s store page on EA’s website, you’ll control protagonist Kay as she “explores her own loneliness and attempts to save her loved ones from theirs.” Her own emotions have bubbled up to the surface, turning her into a wolf-like girl with red eyes, making me wonder what the rest of the city’s population looks like.

The sea has flooded the city around Kay, sinking streets to the bottom of the ocean. Despite that, there are on-foot segments as well as seafaring sections. Beyond exploring, there are puzzles and “lovely and terrifying monsters.” Seems like a game that would appeal to those who dig the more introspective experiences in games nowadays, similar to artsy plat former Gris.

Sea of Solitude will hit digital storefronts July 5 for $19.99

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