Shroud Of The Avatar Ultima Inspired MMO Is Now Free To Play

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Shroud Of The Avatar Ultima Inspired MMO Is Now Free To Play

Shroud Of The Avatar Ultima Inspired MMO Is Now Free To Play

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, the Ultima-inspired MMO developed by Richard Garriott’s Portalarium, has gone fully free-to-play. The change comes just seven months after the game entered full release, and four years since it first became available as an Early Access game on Steam. Portalarium has sent definitive word that Shroud of the Avatar is now officially a free to play game. No purchase is required to jump in and start playing and the available features to free players have been expanded. The news comes after last week’s release of the retooled new player experience.

Regardless, the game is now free to play. The announcement comes with updates that remove the limitations that kept restricted-playing users from trading with others. No longer do you have to make any purchases in order to play through the game’s story. You can Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues on the Steam marketplace, along with all the happy customers.

Shroud of the Avatar has added a multitude of quality of life updates (today) and major features to the game world including:

  • Added trophy recipes for all active fishing trophies to all players.
  • Fishing Trophy decorations added.
  • Fixed bad stairs collision on Haunted Ship on Penmawr Island.
  • Flechier Formal Jacket no longer causes female upper chest to be invisible.
  • Siege and encounter scenes are now always open-multiplayer.
  • The overworld party UI is only interactive if you can actually travel to that player’s instance.
  • The overworld party UI takes you to the town if player is in a basement.
  • Characters no longer glide when following another player.
  • Interactive Fountain VFX has been corrected.
  • Doors triggered externally now consider if the door is locked for the triggering player.
  • Added Smelting Dungeon recipes to proper recipe book classification.
  • Fixed an issue where remote players would be in the incorrect position when not moving.
  • Fishing loot messages now shown in “Loot” chat filter rather than “Misc”.
  • Trophies now properly display their data.
  • Fixed the tooltip for placed Player Owned Town Oracle Confirmatory.
  • Fixed audio on the Viking Palisade Wall long gate.
  • NPC children waving was fixed.
  • Reduced gold and item drops on all Control Point elf creatures.
  • Fixed audio on decoration arrow trap.
  • Decoration arrow trap arrow is now oriented correctly relative to the trap when shot.
  • Updated the old tutorials to display with better timing.
  • Fixed an issue where some of Edvard’s emotes on the bridge in Battle of Solace Bridge were creating errors.
  • Players being sent to Battle of Solace Bridge from the Isle of Storms will now always start at the lunar rift.
  • No longer showing confirmation dialog to change matchmaking mode if not needed.
  • Fixed the name of the Owl’s Head boss and added his blueprints.
  • Fixed bait icons.
  • Cleaned up curing salt icon.
  • A journal from Anais’s combat lesson in Isle of Storms better clarifies how to enter and exit combat mode.
  • Anais’s combat lesson in Isle of Storms now better describes equipping weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck in Anais’s “inventory” lesson in Isle of Storms.
  • Improved the way in which the compass marker appears on Anais in Isle of Storms.
  • In the “Fall of the Epitaph” in Lost Vale replaced some melee elves with ranged versions.
  • Sautéed Bass, Baked Trout, and Baked Salmon now buff intelligence.
  • Moved spawner inside Skrekk Entrance tent that was causing NPCs to get stuck there.
  • Added an ankh in Ruins of Ravenmoor.
  • Solace Bridge Starter map performance increase.
  • Passive Stance tooltip now indicates it removes one bleed effect.
  • Earthquake tooltip now indicates that with specialization the cast time is reduced.
  • Updated the dragon’s nest in Southern Grunvald Barrens to fix an issue when players tried to mine the ore at the nest.
  • Updated icons for common Mounted fish.
  • Updated Hilt loot to include spider room drops.
  • Loading screen tips were updated.

Update Full Details: Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Patch Notes

Shroud of the Avatar was a major crowdfunding success, drawing in nearly $2 million on Kickstarter in 2013 and more than $12 million in total. But it’s not clear what sort of audience it actually has. The average concurrent player count on Steam has only surpassed 300 twice (including the Early Access years), but it’s also available as a standalone game and Garriott told Eurogamer in July that the majority of the players access the game through the non-Steam client. He also said that Shroud of the Avatar had “many thousands” of monthly active users, and was “within shooting range” of tens of thousands.

The newly free-to-play Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues client is available here at official site & Steam: Shroud Of The Avatar 

Steam: Shroud Of The Avatar Steam

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