Sony PlayStation Will Not Be At E3 2019

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Sony PlayStation Will Not Be At E3 2019

Sony PlayStation Will Not Be At E3 2019

Sony PlayStation has announced it will not be attending the E3 2019 gaming convention in Los Angeles next year. Sony Interactive Entertainment will not host a conference at E3 2019, nor will it appear on the show floor. It’ll be the first time PlayStation hasn’t been present during E3’s entire 24-year history.

There are a couple of potential reasons behind this. First is that Sony doesn’t actually have anything worthwhile to show. We saw at E3 2018 that Sony had a curiously threadbare line-up, and perhaps 2019 is even weaker.

The second, I think far more likely scenario, is that Sony is gearing up for the reveal of the PlayStation 5 in 2019. Either Sony wants its own PlayStation showcase away from E3, or the next-gen console simply isn’t going to be ready to show by next June. Rather than host an event for the dregs of its PS4 line-up, it would make sense to hold fire until it’s good and ready to unveil the new console.

The same could be true for E3 2019, though that does raise concerns about the PlayStation 4 itself and a potential lack of upcoming titles.

The timing also comes just a month after Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that a successor to the PlayStation 4 is going to happen.

With Sony not having anything major of note to reveal at E3 2019, it would make sense for the company to skip a year and may well return for E3 2020. However, with the suggestion that Sony are going to ‘experiment’ with how it reveals its products, it casts fresh doubt on the continued relevance of E3 as the centre-piece of the gaming calendar.

The convention has long been the summer anchor where the biggest video companies announce and show off their upcoming wares. But with the more prevalent year-round new coverage and direct access to its consumers via social media and streaming platforms, its influence has been on the wane for a few years now.

EA recently decided not to officially attend the show, instead setting up its own EA Play event in Hollywood just ahead of E3. Similarly Microsoft, while it threw its own lavish Xbox press conference last year, was not on the show floor. Instead taking up residence in the nearby Microsoft Theater. Sony told Game Informer that the company has no plans to  “activate or hold a press conference around E3”, suggesting Sony’s absence from the show may be total. Whether it is a one-off as Sony gears up to announce the PlayStation 5 in its own way remains to be seen, but the absence of one of the industry’s biggest players will be keenly felt.

Sony is the only company who has dropped out of attending E3 2019. Microsoft and Nintendo are still “committed” to E3, and other companies, like Activision, Bethesda and Epic Games, are all scheduled to hold conferences there as well.

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