Star Citizen Breaks Through $250 Million Crowdfunding

Originally announced via a Kick-starter crowdfunding campaign back in 2012, where it raised just over $2.1 million

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Star Citizen Breaks Through $250 Million Crowdfunding

Star Citizen Breaks Through $250 Million Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for has surpassed $250 million. Originally announced via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back in 2012, where it raised just over $2.1 million, Star Citizen has subsequently gone on to raise an additional quarter of a billion dollars through additional crowdfunding on its official website.

CitizenCon brought a lot of big news about Star Citizen, including the announcement of the newest planet, microTech, and a new 20v20 multiplayer mode for Star Citizen’s FPS game, Star Marine.

In other news, Star Citizen is free for everyone to play through December 5 as part of the game’s latest “Free Fly” event. This event allows players to fly every ship in the game (of which there are more than 100) instead of only a limited selection like in previous Free Fly campaigns.

Star Citizen supporters can spend money on things like ships and ship upgrades, as well as various subscription packages and extras like ship and weapon skins, among other things. The game, which spans a single-player campaign, a persistent, shared multiplayer universe, and a head-to-head PvP game, is playable in various stages of development for backers.

On top of that, we also get to take the first look at the Tumbril Ranger, which is the game’s first wheeled motorbike (we already had hoverbikes, but not a traditional wheeled one).

The Ranger comes in three versions, dedicated to mission running, racing, and combat, costing $35 for the first two and $40 for the combat-oriented version. A bundle with all three is also available for $100.

Whatever way you view though, CIG has to be doing something right. $251m is an awful lot of money but, if it all shakes out, Star Citizen could ultimately end up being one of the most ambitious games of all time.

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