Steam First Uncensored Adult Game Has Been Blocked In 28 Countries

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Steam First Uncensored Adult Game Has Been Blocked In 28 Countries

Steam First Uncensored Adult Game Has Been Blocked In 28 Countries

Last week, Valve approved Negligee: Love Stories as its first fully uncensored adult game on Steam, moving forward with its plans for a more open platform. While Valve’s process might be easier, Dharker Studios is still bound by the laws of individual regions, seeing Negligee: Love Stories restricted from release in 28 different countries. As detailed in this Steam Community post (via Kotaku), Dharker Studios says it must abide by the laws of specific countries and that “these restrictions are the downside of being the poster child for the first adult game on Steam.”

By Dharker Studios’ own description, “Negligee: Love Stories is an adult mature game,” which essentially means it houses uncensored sexual content. Unfortunately for some, there are a selection of countries which take a strong stance against the depiction of explicit content, forcing Dharker to pull sales from at least 28 countries:

Negligee: Love Stories banned countries
Australia Malaysia
Bangladesh Morocco
Belarus Nigeria
Botswana Pakistan
China Papua New Guinea
Dubai Russia
Egypt Saudi Arabia
Germany South Africa
Guyana South Korea
Iceland Sudan
Indonesia Turkmenistan
Iraq Uganda
Japan Ukraine
Lebenon UAE


If Dharker attempted to release such a game in countries where adult content is restricted, it would find itself “liable for all costs and damages” that would be detrimental to the small indie studio. Despite looking into new builds of Negligee: Love Stories that could potentially alleviate the concerns of certain nations, its lack of resources means it’s unlikely that they will see the light of day any time soon. This, combined with it losing the profit of Germany, its fourth largest sales region following the USA, UK and Canada means that Negligee: Love Stories is already off to a poor start.

Dharker then turns its attention to the possibility of censoring Negligee: Love Stories — something it is not willing to consider at this stage.

“In the past most of our games have stories and then the adult content is created in addition to the main story,” adds the developer. “Making it easy to censor them and still offer a full robust game. This is why all of our past games have no country restrictions as that adult content has been removed.

“This is not the case for Negligee: Love Stories, the stories themselves are adult in nature and style from start to finish. If we censored this game so that everyone could play, it would remove 90 percent or more of the content, unfortunately that means this isn’t really an option for this game. We will however continue to look into making a censored version as well as alternate versions to allay some of these restrictions, but for now we are not ready to post any such games.”

Dharker concludes by suggesting future games “will be developed to release a censored edition where possible and then have a free or cheap mature content DLC pack as well.”

Read Dharker Studios’ full update in full Steamcommunity.

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