Subverse Erotic Game Raises 1 Million On Kickstarter

pledged of $129,917 goal & raised over $1,200,000 in US dollars

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Subverse Erotic Game Raises 1 Million On Kickstarter

Subverse Erotic Game Raises 1 Million On Kickstarter

Subverse has already raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter. It is interesting because the production will combine extensive gameplay with strong erotic elements. Studio FOW, who have attracted controversy for producing CG porn starring videogame characters, have turned to Kickstarter to fund a game of their own. Called Subverse, they describe it as “a tactical RPG/SHMUP hybrid” where you’re the captain of a spaceship called the Mary Celeste and have to assemble a crew. It sounds kind of like Mass Effect 2, only with more explicit sex.

At the time of writing it has raised the equivalent of over $1,200,000 in US dollars, and still has nine days left in its Kickstarter campaign.

What is interesting, however, Subverse is announced to be an extensive game, in which sex will be only one of several important elements. We will play the role of a space captain who will try to initiate a revolution against the puritanic galactic empire.

Space exploration will be implemented in the vein of old-school shooters. Our ship is to move in only two dimensions and the clashes will require dexterity and reflexes. Many missions will also require us to lead a team of soldiers and these battles will be carried out in a turn-based system, similar to the XCOM series. During the game, we have to develop the skills of our subordinates and improve the ship.

Subverse will apparently be “at least a 20 hour game” with two different combat systems, one arcade-style for ship combat and the other a grid-based tactical system for squad vs. squad fights. It will also have “nine waifus” for you to romance. The fact that they use the word “waifu” about 15 times on the Kickstarter page probably tells you everything you need to know about Subverse’s tone.

The game will also enable us to recruit additional warriors. Successes during the mission are to be rewarded with sex scenes with these characters. Each warrior will receive multiple sequences of this type, and the game will not require monogamy.

Subverse is a PC exclusive and it will most likely remain as such, as it is doubtful that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will agree to let a porn game on their platforms. The production is expected to make its debut in early access this summer.

  1. Subverse official website
  2. Subverse on Kickstarter.

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