System Shock 3 Gameplay Emerges From The Darkness

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System Shock 3 Gameplay Emerges From The Darkness

System Shock 3 Gameplay Emerges From The Darkness

It’s been trapped in a form of development hell for a good few years but System Shock 3 is back and it’s looking better than ever. OtherSide Entertainment have dropped some all-new pre-alpha gameplay footage from System Shock 3, providing some juicy new insights for what’s in store.

20 long years have passed since System Shock 2 graced us with its terrifying presence so  you could say we’re more than a little bit excited for the return of the pioneering immersive sim. 

System Shock 3 is being developed by OtherSide Entertainment, who have System Shock creator Warren Spector on board as director. Spector the director, it’s got a ring to it. OtherSide’s only major credit is Underworld: Ascendant, a game which really did take on Steam when it launched last year but has recovered well after significant patching.

System Shock is coming back. Night Dive Studios has just release pre-Alpha gameplay footage of the re-mastered 1994 game and we’re excited and simultaneously terrified about space all over again.

System Shock 3 is targeting a PC launch at some point in 2020. It’s not the only System Shock in town these days though, with both System Shock Remake and System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition in development at Night Dive Studios. If the stars align, 2020 could see the release of any entire trilogy of System Shock titles.

There’s no release date for System Shock 3 but apparently it’s aiming for a PC release next year.

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