The Outer Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch On March 6th

Obsidian revealed that single-player RPG The Outer Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 6 & DLC for all platforms still on the way later.

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The Outer Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch On March 6th

The Outer Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch On March 6th

The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch now has a firm release date. The Obsidian developed sci-fi RPG was confirmed to be headed to Nintendo’s hybrid console in the summer of last year ahead of today’s confirmed March launch day. After landing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in October of 2019, The Outer Worlds is finally making its way to the Switch some five months later. Head below for all the details.

The Outer Worlds was developed by the folks at Obsidian Entertainment a group centered around individuals that worked on some of the original Fallout titles and was lauded as a sort of AA spiritual successor to some of those early post-apocalyptic RPGs. After Bethesda dropped the ball on Fallout 76, anticipation was at an all-time high for a game like this, despite the dev’s instance on the experience not being one of those 100+ hour epics it initially appeared to be for some. While some players were slightly disappointed by the game’s stunted runtime (roughly 20 hours or so depending on the player), it fared quite well upon review. Carrying a roughly 86% average rating on Metacritic, we would say the borderline AA experiment worked out pretty well.

It’s a full game download, so even if you get the physical release of The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch, there won’t be a game card. This is a good time for Nintendo Switch owners to hop in and explore the story of Halcyon Colony, as Obsidian is planning to expand the game with DLC later in 2020.

What you need to know:

  • The Outer Worlds released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in October 2019.

  • The Outer Worlds is now set to release for Nintendo Switch on March 6.

  • It’s a full game download and no game card is included in the physical edition.

For those who haven’t played The Outer Worlds, it takes a lot of inspiration from older BioWare and Bethesda RPGs, mixing a little bit of Fallout and Mass Effect flavour into a condensed form. It is not the longest RPG ever made, but you will get to explore different planets affected by ‘The Board’, a group of corporation heads that control this segment of space and all the colonies living in it. Expect plenty of dialogue options, interesting companions and fun combat.

The Outer Worlds is coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 6th of March.

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