The Witcher Geralt Is Coming To Soul Calibur 6

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The Witcher Geralt Is Coming To Soul Calibur 6

The Witcher Geralt Is Coming To Soul Calibur 6

A few weeks ago, Witcher developer, CD Projekt RED teased on Twitter that Geralt would be making the jump to a new game series sometime this year. Just before that Twitter tease, rumors had been circulating that Geralt would join the cast of Soul Calibur VI as a guest character. Many people put two and two together and assumed Geralt was coming to Soul Calibur VI. At that time no one knew when Bandai Namco would make the news official, but it seems now the time has come.

Earlier today CD Projekt RED teased once again that an announcement about Geralt in another game would be coming tomorrow morning (March 15). The tease included the phrase, “Once more they’ll feel the sting of sparks as blades collide…” which many people immediately associated with Soul Calibur VI, due out later this year. This should not be all that surprising given that Bandai Namco published The Witcher 3 in multiple territories.

The SoulCalibur series also has a long history of introducing guest characters into its series releases. A couple notable guest characters include Link, Spawn, and Heihachi in SoulCalibur 2, Yoda and Darth Vader in SoulCalibur 4, and Ezio Auditore in SoulCalibur 5. Geralt will be joining a good company of characters if he appears in SoulCalibur 6. 

The full roster for the upcoming sixth SoulCalibur game is still unknown, though the developers have been announcing old favorites like Ivy, Kilik, and Zasalemel at a pretty regular pace. Hopefully there will be even more character reveals soon before its 2018 release date.

All things considered, while Geralt has yet to be officially confirmed as a guest character in SoulCalibur 6, it would be totally surprising if all of these hints from CD Projekt Red were related to a completely different project altogether. Although the company’s Community Manager Marcin Momot inferred that Geralt would appear in “one of the upcoming games later this year”, which points toward SoulCalibur 6, there’s always the chance he could show up elsewhere. Should that be the case, then perhaps CD Projekt Red is waiting to stun practically everyone with Geralt’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

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