Trackmania Nations Remake Delayed By 2 Months

Trackmania Nations Remake delayed by 2 months and will be Uplay and Epic Games Store exclusive. Drivers, cool your engines for a second.

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Trackmania Nations Remake Delayed By 2 Months

Trackmania Nations Remake Delayed By 2 Months

Trackmania will now launch on July 1, two months after its planned May release date. The new trailer that accompanied the news includes logos for Uplay and the Epic Games Store at the end, suggesting that the game will not be available on Steam. It’s no surprise to see when games are delayed these days due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic currently going on, but unfortunately those who were looking to jump into the TrackMania raceways whilst staying at home will have to wait another 2 months as the TrackMania Nations Remake gets pushed back to a July 1st release date.


Obviously, it’s a bit disappointing for Trackmania fans that the release date is being pushed. That said, given everything happening, the delay is certainly understandable. At the very least, fans still have an actual date and not the dreaded “indefinitely” tag. Even though you have to wait a bit longer, you still, in theory, know how long you’re waiting for. Which is welcome in the ever-changing global situation.

Trackmania is a racing series built around simplicity and customizability, with players racing to achieve the best times in online lobbies. The community is well-known for building outlandish tracks with loop-de-loops, corkscrews, and fully-vertical jumps. Ubisoft Nadeo has indicated that this new Trackmania will focus heavily on esports, with daily competitions and tournaments for high-level players.

Trackmania will feature a season campaign and daily track selections along with daily and weekly casual cups. Players can also look forward to Grand League and Open Grand League taking place twice per year along with community events and tournaments. Thankfully, the remake won’t stray from the series’ track creation roots, featuring new surfaces and special blocks for creating new courses. Stay tuned for more details on the title in the coming months.

Additionally, TrackMania will now be a Uplay and Epic Games Store exclusive, as seen by the end screen of the latest gameplay trailer above. But more interestingly, according to Beta testers for the game, an in-game option suggested that Steam Workshop support was planned, but then obviously dropped when the exclusivity deal was struck. It’ll be a shame for content creators like modders as Steam Workshop has seen continual success over the years, and the modding community for TrackMania games in the past have been fairly large.

Trackmania launches on PC July 1, 2020 via Uplay and the Epic Game Store.

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