Ubisoft Announces Uplay+ A New PC Game Subscription Service

It will cost $14.99 and grant access to more than 100 titles, It launches on September 3rd 2019

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Ubisoft Announces Uplay+ A New PC Game Subscription Service

Ubisoft Announces Uplay+ A New PC Game Subscription Service

Ubisoft found a comfy seat on the top of the bandwagon, because it’s launched its own streaming service, called Uplay+. By itself, this wouldn’t be earth-shaking news: the company is joining the ranks of several companies, offering access to a library of games in exchange for a monthly payment. But the company also apparently expects you to pay for the service in addition to Stadia.

This includes new releases later this year, such as Watch Dogs: Legion and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, along with existing Ubisoft games; the publisher said 100 games will be available at launch. To get people in the door, however, Ubisoft is announcing free access, for a limited time, for those who sign up over the next two months (and supply a valid debit or credit card).

Uplay+ launches on September 3rd for $15 per month. That’s not a trivial price, but Ubisoft is betting that this will be worthwhile if you were either going to splurge on special editions or want to catch up on DLC you missed for games you already own.

According to Ubisoft’s press release, you’ll get early access to new releases where available, you can download the games for offline play, and you can keep your saved games in the cloud even if you allow your subscription to lapse for a while.

Subscribers will also automatically be entered into Ubisoft-related betas and early access programs. “With Uplay Plus, you can download games directly to your PC, meaning that you can play offline-enabled games without connecting to the internet,” Ubisoft continues.

In addition to PC platforms, Uplay Plus will also be available on Google Stadia in 2020, Ubisoft says.

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