Ubisoft Delays The Release Of The Settlers Again

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Ubisoft Delays The Release Of The Settlers Again

Ubisoft Delays The Release Of The Settlers Again

The Settlers is coming back, probably, but now it’s less clear when that might be, exactly. The resurrected strategy management series was unveiled back in 2018 and was due out this year, but today the team at Ubisoft Blue Byte announced an indefinite delay. A blog post on the studio’s website says the game needs more time and work before it’s ready to be released to the public. It was originally due to be released sometime this year.


It was originally expected in autumn 2019, but that became a vague 2020 window last year. Since then, Blue Byte has posted plenty of updates breaking down how various buildings and systems work, accompanied by lots of screenshots, and it looks like you’ll have to keep subsisting on them for a bit longer.

The Settlers will let you construct the most buildings in the series, muck around with new population mechanics, send heroes into fighting pits to earn glory and inspire your settlers with a new Faith system. As the name suggests, Ubisoft considers it a reboot, but from what we’ve seen over the last couple of years, it doesn’t seem like it’s straying too far from the classic formula.

Unfortunately, the blog post doesn’t offer anything in the way of reassurance for Settlers fans on this point. The development team says it “cannot provide a new release date yet”, but that it will keep fans updated via its official Settlers Alliance website and various other channels.

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