Valorant Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software Can Now Be Turned Off

Riot Games has come under fire recently for its "Vanguard" anti-cheat software found in their new game Valorant. Riot now let you disable Valorant controversial kernel-level anti-cheat tool when you’re not playing.

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Valorant Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software Can Now Be Turned Off

Valorant Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software Can Now Be Turned Off

Riot Games has come under fire recently for its Vanguard anti-cheat software found in their new game Valorant due to the use of kernel-mode drivers with Ring 0 privileges. This raised several important security and user concerns around system security and stability, while not solving the root problem Riot Games has in response released a new blog post detailing the workings of the “Vanguard” anti-cheat software.

Riot Games brings out a new update for players to disable the anti-cheat software Vanguard on their pc. Running 24×7 in the background Vanguard has led system problems, fps drops, and outrage of players. Taking a serious steps Riot Games finally came out with a solution to let players disable Vanguard when not requires. Turning off does not mean you can cheat in Valorant, you will need it working while playing the game.


The latest Valorant update adds a system tray icon, from where users can shutdown the software. A reboot is required, you cannot play the game until it is enabled. So there will be a few couples of reboots here, but turning it off will relieve pressure from the system and incompatibility with any existing software.

Riot has pushed to eliminate cheating in Valorant ever since the beta first launched. Their Vanguard software works in the background to prevent cheats from starting up, even before you start the game. One of the complaints from the community is that the software can prevent them from accessing parts of their computer. Riot has come up with a solution to this problem, but with all the hoops players will have to jump through, some may just quit the game entirely.

Vanguard can now be switched off

On Reddit, Riot Games’ 0xNemi addressed the changes coming to the software. Vanguard will now show a system tray icon while it’s running. With this icon, you can turn off Vanguard at any time, but you’ll have to reboot the system to turn the anti-chest back on. While Vanguard is turned off, your system will be in ‘untrusted’ mode and you’ll be unable to play Valorant until Vanguard is switched back on. Thus, every time you turn the anti-cheat off, you will have to reboot in order to play Valorant.

Riot say that they’re simply taking necessary measures to prevent cheating, insisting that they need to have such low-level access in order to monitor and detect cheats launched before the game is started. Also, in truly creepy fashion, they said to the initial complaints that the Vanguard driver “isn’t giving us any surveillance capability we didn’t already have” and that it “does not collect or send any information about your computer.”

Further to this:

Both the client and the driver of Riot Vanguard have been developed in-house, with both game safety and personal computer safety being a priority. We’ve made this commitment through extensive testing and by reviewing the product both internally and with external security reviews by industry experts.

Our commitment to safety includes our commitment to your privacy. Riot Vanguard was made with Riot Games’ dedication to data privacy specifically in mind, and we worked with our legal and compliance teams to ensure it adheres to regional data privacy laws. Specifics on what data we use and collect are available here.

The purpose of Vanguard is to make it difficult for all but the most determined to cheat, while also giving us the best chance to detect the cheats that do work. We’re not going to be able to prevent all cheating completely, but our intention is to raise the barrier to entry so that cheating isn’t a common occurrence in VALORANT.

Our most recent set of changes help increase the bar that cheaters need to operate in.

For those that are willing to solder a computer part from Siberia to cheat, we’re still going to be able to remove them from our ecosystem by leveraging other game systems.

As another way to help smooth things over, Riot set a $100,000 bounty on “high quality reports that demonstrate practical exploits leveraging the Vanguard kernel driver.”

Chamberlain also had a suggestion today for any honest players who are being blocked by the anti-cheat software. If Vanguard detects “a security vulnerability that cheats could exploit,” it may stop you from playing Valorant, he said—but he won’t say what that vulnerability is, because doing so could “signal what systems cheat developers need to overcome.” Riot is working on providing more info, says Chamberlain, but for now, “you might have to update some insecure software or drivers” if you’re having issues.

Valorant has the potential to completely overhaul the gaming market, appealing to competitive CS:GO fanboys that are looking for something a little more put together. Cheaters in Counter Strike do get banned but with Riot’s seemingly extreme measures in place, the amount of people using auto aim software and wall hacks will be much smaller.

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