Where Can You Obtain Reliable Web Hosting Solutions?

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Where Can You Obtain Reliable Web Hosting Solutions?

Discovering a shared hosting vendor offering cut-price, top-quality hosting solutions is a dream everyone has. However, there still are a small number of web hosting companies, which measure up to this description – a description, which appears unrealistic to some extent. One hosting services provider that offers an ideal mixture of cheap prices and top-class quality of the hosting solutions on offer is us at ‘Evostrix Web Hosting’. We may be not very popular at the moment, as we create our cloud web hosting platform in-house. At the same time other hosting providers like HostGator, BlueHost, JustHost, etc. are merely utilizing cPanel, having paid a license tax. They do not develop anything. They are just offering a regular cPanel Control Panel under their own personal brand and that’s all they do. Simple. These hosting companies are all the same. They differ by their brand names chiefly. And because they do not develop anything, they focus on marketing exclusively – on how to make themselves more famous than they are at the moment. With us it’s very different. Because the pretty elaborate cloud website hosting architecture demands a lot of exertion and time to make (as compared to the 13.00 dollars/month cPanel license tax per web hosting server), we at ‘Evostrix Web Hosting’ can hardly cope with the invasive marketing strategies used by the cPanel-powered hosting service providers. You can’t be the best in every sphere of activity. You can be the best in only one or two areas, at best. We are definitely a good web hosting corporation. Marketing might not be the strongest aspect of our business, which is why we are not so well-known yet. If you are searching for any of these: hosting services, VPS hosting solutions, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers, and last but not least cheap domain registration and SSL certificates, you can get them from us. You’ll be rather amazed by our hosting CP and the various widgets included there: the Domain, Email and File Managers are just exceptional. cPanel does not include any Domain Manager whatsoever! An entire new book can be composed if these 2 hosting environments are put under the microscope: the one-server-based cPanel solution (1) and the multi-server-based cloud hosting platform we provide (2). Let’s cease here. Plenty has already been said…

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