Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says More Single-Player Games Are On The Way

"we want to continue" bringing single-player focused games to Xbox

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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says More Single-Player Games Are On The Way

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says More Single-Player Games Are On The Way

Xbox fans who want single-player experiences on their consoles but haven’t seen as many as they would like recently can know that that more single-player games are on the way, according to comments from Xbox boss Phil Spencer. The head of Xbox responded to a user’s question on Twitter to confirm that more single-player games are on the way with the help of the Xbox Game Studios team that’s been expanding as more developers join its ranks.

Thankfully, Xbox head Phil Spencer is helping alleviate any fears players may have about upcoming Xbox releases after responding to a question about whether any single-player games will be landing on the console in the years to come. Responding to a Twitter follower (Below) who asked if they can expect more single-player titles, Phil said they are their priority.

As you can see in the above tweet, Spencer gave his reassurances that Xbox is committed to continue bringing strong single player focused games to its console in the future. In the tweet Spencer refers to the additions to Xbox Games Studios, as Microsoft brought several third-party studios under its umbrella last year including the likes of Ninja Theory, Playground Games, and Compulsion Games. With the success of games like Apex Legends and Fortnite, and the growth in live service experiences, there’s been more and more discussion surrounding the future of single-player titles. 

Microsoft’s site for the Xbox Game Studios includes a list of 15 teams that compose the group with each of them having the potential to put out some engaging single-player experiences.

“Our 15 game development studios focus on delivering great games for everyone, wherever they play—on console, PC, or mobile devices. We’re responsible for developing and publishing some of the biggest game franchises in history: Age of Empires, Forza, Gears of War, Halo, Minecraft, Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Flight Simulator, State of Decay, and many more. We believe that play is the thing that unites everyone, because when everyone plays, we all win.”

This is seen in the choices of studios it’s bought, most of which are best known for strong single player releases: Ninja Theory (Hellblade), Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas), InXile (Wasteland 3) and Double Fine (Psychonauts 2).

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