Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal Livestream Taken Down After Massive Backlash

Xbox Backlash Raises the Question of What "Gameplay" is Supposed to Mean. From Twitter to YouTube and other social media the backlash to the Xbox Series X gameplay stream is everywhere and even forced the livestream to be taken down.

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Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal Livestream Taken Down After Massive Backlash

Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal Livestream Taken Down After Massive Backlash

Xbox fans don’t appear too happy with little gameplay was actually shown after Microsoft hyped up the event and promised an Xbox Series X presentation with gameplay from titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Although fans were happy to hear about some updates and games coming to the new console that is set to release at the end of 2020, many went into the Inside Xbox May 2020 presentation expecting much more thanks to the level of promotion Xbox used to advertise it.


#XboxSeriesX, #Xbox2020, and #gameplay are all trending on Twitter due to the overwhelming backlash to what’s been shown so far. Many stated that this should have been called new game reveals or made teases more clear or not doubled-down on the marketing that this was Xbox Series X gameplay, when it was not what many expected whatsoever.

For many, the biggest complaint around the showcase was a lack of actual gameplay:

Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal Livestream Taken Down After Massive BacklashEven one of Microsoft’s most friendly media outlets, Windows Central, didn’t hold back in their criticism. “Little was done to actually explain how any of the showcased games benefit specifically from the features and components present in the next-gen console,” Jez Corden wrote:

“There was no mention of how NVME SSD drives will allow games to load-in more animations out of storage rather than having to keep them in memory, for example,” Windows Central’s Corden continued. “There weren’t any examples of ray-tracing enhancing visuals. There was nothing in the visual detail of any of the games that said to me “this wouldn’t be possible on an Xbox One X.”

The response on the official Xbox subreddit was telling, with multiple threads bemoaning the lack of a wow factor.

Most of that sentiment was mirrored by the community itself. The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are coming this year, but fans have no idea why it needs to buy these new consoles. Graphics are important, but we’ve definitely reached a soft plateau in their impact to ‘wow’ us. Even the new consoles themselves are leaning more on features surrounding graphics and gameplay, like fast SSD drives, vastly improved audio, haptic feedback, and features like Xbox Smart Delivery for a smoother console transition. It’s hard to market for that stuff I’m sure, but what was on display at the Inside Xbox event wasn’t the way to go. Even something like gameplay showing the difference between the One X version of a game and the Series X version would’ve been appreciated. Nvidia gets a lot of mileage out of “RTX On/RTX Off”.

There’s still plenty of time for Microsoft to correct the course when it comes to next-gen, as many have appreciated the forthcoming information thus far, and hopefully this serves as a lesson for upcoming Xbox events. After all, as is the way of the internet, this “gameplay” debacle isn’t going to be forgotten soon, as it clearly hasn’t forgotten the Xbox Series X-fridge comparison.

Although Xbox promises for more updates on the Xbox Series X to happen “every month”, fans can’t help but compare this presentation to Sony’s more realistic announcement of their newest console, the PS5.

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